Included in the allowance:

Upon request, pasta party on the eve before launch
Starting documents, line specifications and directions
Certificate and Award
Framework - program
2x bedroom and shower facilities on the track
Sleeping before the start
(Limited places available, foreign starters are preferred in the bed assignment!)
Food and nonalcoholic beverages at the finish

The entry fee does not include:
Food along the track

Note no broom wagon or repatriation.

Terms and Conditions

200km 300km 400km 600km ACP qualification required!

Participation without complete qualifications and outside of the standings is not possible.

ACP-qualification in 2012, 200km 300km 400km 600km are needed!

The fee is € 100.00.
Luggage transport: 8.00 €, duffel bag and plastic bag for dirty clothes included

Registration from 15.10.2014

From 01.01.2014 to 10.07.2014
, you will receive an automatic confirmation with our bank details.

The registration is valid on receipt of the contribution to expenses on our account.

The rules of ACP and Randonneurs Mondiaux.
The road traffic regulations (Highway Code) of the FRG is strictly observed.
Support vehicles on the track during the brevets are not allowed. Since we adhere to the spirit of PBP, escort vehicles must be registered and the encounter is only allowed at checkpoints

Infringement, the exclusion of the participant / result in
We expressly point out, however, that escort vehicles are UNWANTED IN PRINCIPLE.

Pasta Party:
Place Old Schoolhouse Osterdorf on 27.07.2014 from 17:30 (optional)

Routes meeting:
Place Old Schoolhouse Osterdorf on 27.07.20124
(recommended) from 19:00


Starting materials:
Output after the technical inspection and submission of the signed disclaimer on 12.08.2012 16:30 to 17:30 and on 13.08.2012 7:00 to 9:00

Sign a disclaimer, insurance is the responsibility of the participants

Repatriation: There is no repair and repatriation.

* * *